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Nights in Fruit Market

Photography Documentary

Que's father used to run a Fruit Store in Kwun Tong 觀塘, Hong Kong. She has fond memories of going to the infamous Yau Mei Tei Wholesale Fruit Market with him at 2 a.m to stock up on all of the fresh seasonal fruits when she was little.


The Yau Mei Tei Fruit Market 果欄 was founded in 1913, in British Colonial times. While it was once called The Govenment Vegetable Market 政府蔬菜市場, over time it has become a specialised wholesale fruit market. The market building itself has been deemed a historically valuable site and has been classified as a Grade II Historic Building.


In 2007, Que decided to capture and share the colourful stories of this place and show people how she saw it. 

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